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Melting the Ice

February 23, 2017 10AM-12PM
Welcome to the LIFE Institute
You’ve got experience, expertise and wisdom, and now you have the freedom to try something new. Each semester, the LIFE Institute offers courses and study groups on a broad range of topics that include politics and international affairs, history and cultural studies, music, film and art history. However, the opportunities for personal development go far beyond our course offerings. Join one of the friendliest 50+ learning programs in the city, and find out what it truly means to live LIFE to its fullest!
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Message from our President - Ginny Bosomworth
Ginny Bosomworth Welcome to the LIFE Institute, where we offer opportunities for education, leadership, personal growth and social activities for people 50+ who enjoy learning.  

Our goal is to provide an invigorating environment that creates an opportunity for socializing and sharing time and talents with others. Central to all LIFE's objectives is membership and to ensure that continued first-class delivery of courses, clubs, travel programs, special events and services prevails.

When friends ask me if there are exams or grades attached to LIFE courses, I laugh, and say - no exams, no grades, just a large range of learning opportunities - from history to philosophy, politics to music... and beyond. I invite you to view and select courses from our website. LIFE Institute is located on the campus of Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. Put some LIFE into your life! Join us!

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What's Happening
Melting the Ice
February 23, 2017. Come in out of the cold and chill with friends and new members. more...
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LIFE INSTITUTE is closed on Mon.Feb.20.17. There are no classes being held this Saturday or Monday.
If Ryerson (LIFE) is closed due to severe weather, there will be a message on the tel# 416-979-5000. more...
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