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Learning is a lifelong process that LIFE embraces and we strive to combine learning with travel as never before. When it comes to senior travel, our learning vacations offer opportunities to expand horizons, make new friends and stay mentally and physically fit. Whether you’re interested in exploring Ontario, Canada or the world, LIFE has a trip for you.



Travel to France with Osnat Lippa

In the Footsteps of the Impressionists. Rouen, Honfleur, Paris. You are invited to travel to the source of Impressionism – to the France of the 19th century in the locations where the artists painted. See DETAILED ITINERARY for more information.

Contact: Laurielle Penny, Worldwide Quest t: 416-633-5666 e:






Travel to Jerusalem, the Holy Land Revealed

Get Ready for a trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. Together you will discover the archaeological remains of this ancient land. Discover the City of David on the foothill of Temple Solomon, float in the Dead Sea, explore the ruins of Masada and so much more. See DETAILED ITINERARY for more information.

Contact: Laurielle Penny, Worldwide Quest t: 416-633-5666, e: 

LIFE learning adventures engage expert instructors, provide extraordinary access to our world, and stimulate discourse and friendship among people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime. Why you travel is just as important as Where to go. Our travel initiatives are developed in response to the survey we conducted of our members. Choosing a Learning Vacation.

    We hope to fortify your body, feed your mind and fuel your spirit.


Check this space for more information on upcoming LIFE Travel trips.

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Have you taken a learning vacation, or are you planning one? What type of learning or adventure experiences do you prefer?

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