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Membership runs from July 1 to June 30. You may renew at any time during the current academic year, but the fee remains the same and must be renewed each year after July 1st if you want to register for courses, clubs or events. 

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Annual membership fees are $80 and you must be a current member to participate in everything LIFE offers. 

Members purchasing a 2020-2021 membership will receive access to two free lectures by Thomas S. Axworthy, former Principal Secretary and Chief Speechwriter to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. TOPICS: The U.S. Elections and Canada’s Fresh Water Threats scheduled for September and October 2020. A $40 value free.    

There is no discount in the membership fee for registration at any time during the year.


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Check that all the personal information is correct and up-to-date (especially your email address) including your billing and payment Information and proceed with purchasing your membership renewal. You will receive confirmation of your renewal as soon as your credit card is validated.

If you have questions or encounter issues, use the Contact Us link from the website or send an email to

Renewal by Mail Is Not Available During the Covid Crisis.