LIFE Jubilee

Join Our "Jubilation" with the LIFE Jubilee.


Participants, whether they work behind the scenes or rehearse for their moment in the spotlight, share the fun and satisfaction or working side by side towards a common goal: "opening night". The many weeks of dedication also provide joy to the audience who eagerly anticipate the show. All those hours of work by cast and crew pay off when they are rewarded with the applause of an appreciative, well-entertained audience.

 This is a great opportunity for LIFE Members to learn about the theatre, from performing, to backstage through to production.

Our main initiative is the artistic preparation and production of a variety show, the LIFE Jubilee. This includes among other things, the auditioning, training and rehearsing of many performers and training volunteers in the preparation and production of their own produced concerts under the guidance of established experts. 

All under the direction of Wayne Burnett, a LIFE member, who for twenty years produced the famous Seniors Jubilee at Roy Thompson Hall.  

Funding will come from government grants/sponsorship, charitable donations, foundations and corporate sponsorship. Interested in assisting us in meeting our goal? Consider a designated donation to LIFE Jubilee.



The Seniors Jubilee variety concert series was presented annually at Roy Thompson Hall over the span of 20 years. Created in August 1989, its mandate was to provide senior performers from all walks of life a prominent platform from which to display their talents. The event went on to become the largest seniors’ talent showcase in North America.

Read the History of Jubilee 

The Seniors Jubilee was considered the gold standard in seniors entertainment and has made a huge impact in the way seniors see themselves through entertainment. Watching their peers perform with such energy and expertise has also instilled new hope in audiences as to their own possibilities and potential in life - we hope you will do the same!