Special Accommodations and Wheelchair Accessibility

1. Are LIFE classrooms wheelchair-accessible?

Much of the Ryerson campus is wheelchair accessible. Campus Accessibility Maps are available here: CampusMaps.

If you require special accommodations for a disability or for wheelchair accessibility,
please ensure that you indicate this in:
a) your member’s account and
b) each course registration form for every class you wish to take.

In Your Member’s Account:
Sign in, then click on the “Welcome” tab in the menu bar at the top and choose “Account + Settings”. Scroll down and fill in the box labelled “SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS” so that we can accommodate you when classrooms are being assigned.

When Registering for Courses or Events:
Clicking on the “Register” button for your chosen course lets you sign in to your account and then automatically opens a page showing your course registration.
On the same page, be sure you check the “Yes” or “No” box next to “Accessibility Requirements” and fill in the box labelled “Accessibility Details” so that when when classrooms are assigned, we can accommodate your needs.

2. I am having difficulty in class due to an accessibility or disability (e.g. mobility, hearing, vision or other) issue. What can I do?

Email or call the LIFE office at (416) 979-5000, ext. 556989 and our office administrator will try to assist you.