Become a Volunteer Instructor

Volunteer Instructors:  the LIFE blood of the organization.

Don't just take a LIFE course ... lead one.

Class moderator leading class

Most new LIFE courses come about because one of our members had a great idea. It doesn't really matter where our idea comes from ... your personal interests, another LIFE course, a conversation you had ... as long as enough members are interested in registering and you are excited about the topic.

And LIFE volunteer instructors report that they often learn more about their course subject in the process of teaching it than they anticipated.


Not a trained teacher or instructor?


The LIFE institute offers support, free workshops and mentoring to anyone interested in leading a course, through the Instructor Training, Coaching and Mentoring Program. This includes a special committee of experienced past volunteer instructors whose job it is to help you get started, and give you encouragement and feedback along the way.


 Interested?  Contact the LIFE office at 416 979-5000 ext 556989 or