Take advantage of your membership benefits.

Part of your membership benefits is the ability to join the various activities provided. The LIFE Institute offers its members access to a variety of self-governing clubs and programs, which meet on or off campus monthly throughout the year. 

Clubs are open to all members for free or some for a nominal annual fee. Programs are coordinated by a Leader(s) with various programmed activities throughout the year.

Meet new members, learn and discover together.  

Explore the Clubs - join one or start your own club. Whether you are interested in food cultures, going to the movies, learning to invest, painting, books and more,you are sure to find a club that suits your interest.

  Photo Club


Join a Walk from Grey Walks exploring the neighbourhoods or architecture to Green Walks exploring nature in the City. Explore the city, stay fit and enjoy fresh air.



Birding in Serena Gundy


Accessibility: The LIFE Institute is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please contact contact the office 2–3 weeks in advance of the event if you have any particular accommodation requirements.

Have an idea for an activity, club or program: .

Want to start your own club or become involved in some other way? Contact Denise Smith at